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SUPER HEAVY METAL - Music For Cymbals LP

Super Heavy Metal makes music by playing the most underrated and mysterious instrument in the band: The cymbal. With a selection of cymbals, sticks, tape, rattles and effects, the cymbals are treated much like the “Prepeared piano”. The songs are made by building layers of rhythms and sounds, some parts are sampled and looped, most of it is improvised.
Live, Super Heavy Metal, compromises between using cymbals and electronics to re-create and make the layers of sound.
Super Heavy Metal is the solo debut from drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug (Young Dreams, Lars Vaular, Sondre Lerche).
After working most of his life within pop music, there was a need to do something completely different. Teaming up with producer Anders Bjelland, Super Heavy Metal recorded the debut album, in Broen studio the fall of 2015.
Whitelabel LP with printed insert. Downloadcode included. Limited to 300 copies.

SUPER HEAVY METAL - Music For Cymbals LP

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