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Sheep Chase Records is an independent label and management located in the woods outside of Oslo, Norway. The label was founded in 2011 by Terje Ekrene Vik, connecting the dots from various former projects on the Norwegian music scene - and launching what had been in the making for years.

Sheep Chase started out with releasing punk trio Dark Times, and has evolved into an uncompromising deliverer of alternative sounds. There are no set boundaries, and the label will work hard to constantly evolve.

We also offer design/graphic services for artists/bands, as well as administrative services.

US mail-order: Order from our Bandcamp for domestic (cheaper) shipping!


Benelux (+ export): Suburban

Denmark: Rillbar

Germany: Sounds of Subterrania
Japan: King International Inc

Norway: Diger Distro

UK (+ export): Plastic Head Distribution

USA: The Business

Rest of the world: drop us a mail!

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