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PURPLE-X - Purple-X LP / CD

The long-awaited debut album from punks Purple-X!


Following up on their already classic demo tape and 7” EP (Byllepest Distro), known way outside of the punk scene for their gloomy, groovier and innovative take on the hardcore punk they hail from. Brutal at its most intense, and yet catchy and available to a much wider audience. Gut-wrenching and toxic vocals swirl over the highly original licks and grooves.


A band never looking backwards, insisting on taking a step forward and sideways artistically as new tracks fall into place. Lyrically they stare fearlessly into the abyss, howling at the stagnation and horrifingly bad turns of modern day life and society, the grim ugliness of today’s political situations, feminism, and also touching on issues on more personal levels. In their face-punching and often no-bullshit short tracks they manage to musically challenge their expression with melodic riffs touching on surf and post-punk over a daringly original and playful rhythm section guiding the X-train forward, and then gliding over to easy-going instrumental interludes, whistling casually on top.


From the scene that brought us bands like Dark Times, Blood Suckers, Urbanoia and Terrorstat; Purple-X are the new pioneers of the ever evolving Norwegian hardcore punk scene. Complex, smart and intense, showing influences well of the main road from their peers - still with both feet firmly planted just beside their roots.


Forward, punks!

PURPLE-X - Purple-X LP / CD

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