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KRISTI BRUD - Alt er nytt LP/CD


Kristi Brud came surprisingly out of nowhere during the murky conflict surrounding four of the members former band - the renowned Hjerteslag. They rose like a phoenix out of the ashes of the now defunct band, and released ”Spiller ingen rolle” at the end of last year. The debut single was named track of the year several places, and the band’s super catchy guitar rock picks up the pace of their roots. A train of pop melodies and sing-a-long choruses. An impressive variety of pop/rock with a gloomy touch of post punk.


It is years between Norwegian pop/rock of this caliber, and luckily these guys have no intention to stay quiet. The band is putting all their might into making good, intense pop songs wrapped up in beautiful, shreeking guitars. When asked about their past in they fittingly respons with ”we’ve all played in other bands prior to this, but Kristi Brud is here and now - and this is all that matters”. The expectations towards the band have been sky high, and with their debut album they deliver so much more than we could have asked for.

KRISTI BRUD - Alt er nytt LP/CD

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