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DRAGONGIRL - Tripomatic Fantasies 12" EP

April 16th marks the release of the sophomore EP release by electronic composer and producer dragongirl, alias Nikoline Ursin Erichsen, and her first release on Sheep Chase Records. Through her music dragongirl crosses the borders between club music, contemporary electronic music and performance art. «Tripomatic Fantasies» shows us further explorations on the sound she made a solid foundation for on «Once More, With Feeling» from 2019 – a release giving her solid feedback from Norwegian national radio NRK P3 and website/street magazine Natt & Dag.


dragongirl’s dark musical expeditions is an all-consuming experience, by some described as «almost danceable club music». Either way you want to describe her sound, it is undoubtfully hypnotic, and – dancing or frozen and amazed – you do not want to leave the dancefloor when she takes the stage. Her performances provokes a collective trance we can’t wait to invite more participants to experience when the clubs finally will open their doors once more.


Even though her music is often described as dark it is not of an apocalyptic nature, but bringing forth hope and light – something we all could need some more of this far in 2021.

DRAGONGIRL - Tripomatic Fantasies 12" EP

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