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OUTER LIMIT LOTUS - Cruising the Old World LP
It is a pleasure to present Oslo-based trio Outer Limit Lotus's first recorded material. 'Cruising The Old World' consists of six ice-cold, dreamlike rock compositions - available digitally and on vinyl from October 28th.

Drowned in reverb, constant dual vocals sketch paranoid, nightmare-ish hallucinations from a world on its way down. Cold spaghetti guitars are accompanied by an controlled, off-kilter rhythm section. This, packed into a noisy, almost psychedelic soundscape, is the essence of Outer Limit Lotus.

'Cruising The Old World' is a sonic glacier, melodic and catchy, but the lasting echo of the dark underground we know from the band members' other project, Haust, still lingers. It is fever-dream rock played with punk energy.

During 2016 the band has established a solid live reputation, with trance-like, ritual performances of their unique music. Outer Limit Lotus is for those who think that rock is at its best when it's dead.

OUTER LIMIT LOTUS - Cruising the Old World LP

  • Debut release from Outer Limit Lotus.

    Black 12" vinyl.

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