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OUTER LIMIT LOTUS - Craters JT Egseth Remix DL

JT Egseth, a close collaborator and sometimes live performer with Outer Limit Lotus, has taken 'Craters' from their 2016 debut 'Cruising the Old World' and made it his own thing entirely. And what a beautifully frightening and cold place it all ended up in. This is ritualistic, trance-like percussions and pulsating synth drones reminiscing of the great 80s horror soundtrack maestros. The darkness from the original version has gone to new depths, and the chilling effect is ever so soothing and disturbing.


The release features the video edit and an extended version of the remix.

And here's the video made by artist and drummer of OLL, Øystein Wyller Odden:

OUTER LIMIT LOTUS - Craters JT Egseth Remix DL

kr 14,00Price
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