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HOLY MOTORS - Sleeprydr 7"

Holy Motors’ second 7” single, Sleepryder b/w Descending -- yet another love story inspired by Chris Isaak songs and Spanish blues. The follow-up to the Heavenly Creatures 7”, this single features the sultry two-chord “Sleeprydr” backed with “Descending,” a sunset anthem for lonely navigators. Where Heavenly Creatures charted a celestial course, the Sleepryder 7” finds Holy Motors cruising the otherworldly landscapes of their Tallinn, Estonia home.


For the uninitiated, Holy Motors sound lies somewhere between the soundtrack to a non-existent movie and the wind with a vibrato. In their time, Holy Motors have played alongside Craft Spells, Sic Alps, and Dirty Fences and lent their music to of Jim Jarmusch for his film Mystery Train.

HOLY MOTORS - Sleeprydr 7"

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