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'Cruising the Old World' - the debut from Outer Limit Lotus - out now!

It is a pleasure to present Oslo-based trio Outer Limit Lotus's first recorded material.'Cruising The Old World' consists of six ice-cold, dreamlike rock compositions - available digitally and on vinyl from today.

Drowned in reverb, constant dual vocals sketch paranoid, nightmare-ish hallucinations from a world on its way down. Cold spaghetti guitars are accompanied by an controlled, off-kilter rhythm section. This, packed into a noisy, almost psychedelic soundscape, is the essence of Outer Limit Lotus.

'Cruising The Old World' is a sonic glacier, melodic and catchy, but the lasting echo of the dark underground we know from the band members' other project, Haust, still lingers. It is fever-dream rock played with punk energy.

During 2016 the band has established a solid live reputation, with trance-like, ritual performances of their unique music. Outer Limit Lotus is for those who think that rock is at its best when it's dead.

The band consists of Henrik Øiestad Myrvold (guitars/vocals), Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg (bass/vocals) and Øystein Wyller Odden (drums/percussion). Vebjørn has also made the brilliant video for the track 'Cruising', which premiered on CLRVYNT a short while ago.


The release is produced by Pål Bredrup (Okkultokrati, Haust), Trond Mjøen (Haust, Haraball) and the band, and mastered by the eminemt Dave Eck (Lucky Lacquers).

"Norway is rewriting the book once again. (...) Think of the post-punk soundtrack to your drug-induced seppuku and you may get the picture. (...) an exercise in nihilism, self-loathing and touching the void."


Go to our Bandcamp or your local records shop to order the vinyl - or go with the digital flow right here:





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