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Årabrot - For Lack Of Discipline You Will Die 7"

The Årabrot 7" is finally out! This little bugger contains an A-side ('Song of Calumny') from the same session as their 7th album, The Gospel, and has been named one of the best new tracks of January 2016 on Norwegian national radio channel P3 and streaming service Tidal. The track features noise maestro Lasse Marhaug. The B-side contains a spoken word version of previously released 'The Isis Pool' featuring drones and soundscapes by Karin Park, and a hard hitting cover of Hammerhead's 'Duh! The big city', here named 'DUH!'. The last track is exclusive for the vinyl.


The cover is remake of the weapon of arms for Haugesund, Årabrot's hometown, designed by Johannes Høie.



Norwegian paper Klassekampen gave the release 5/6 (in Norwegian):


"Sangen (Song of Calumny) om bakvaskelser og sverting svinger med djevelsk driv. Kombinasjonen av tunge gitarer, hoggende rytmer og det sjøsyke pianoet sitter som et skittent skudd."


"The Isis Pool Narrated (...) er nær ved å tangere den mørkt maskuline magien til britiske Coil."

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