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We are immensely proud to reveal the signing of the brilliant Mokri! The band are in the final stages of their work on a stunning debut album - set for release during spring 2018. We are eager to start sharing their voyages in plastic noise rock in a short while.


The trio, formerly known as the duo Signal///, has been an essential part of the alternative music scene in Norway for some years now. The results of their studio sessions with producer Ådne Meisfjord (120 Days, Tropical Contact High) will manifest their position as explorers in sound of the highest order.

Release date and more information will be added shortly.


Members: Andrea Barsnes Undset (drums), Niklas Bystrøm Larssen (guitar, synth), Eirik Ørevik Addland (bass, trumpet).

Mokri on Facebook and Instagram.

Here's a nice taster from 'Echoes' - the Signal/// EP released by Handmade Records in 2015:

Photo: Jenny Berger Myhre

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