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'Dirt' - the new single from Dark Times is out! - Pre-order the 7"

Dark Times are back! Two years have passed since their debut album Give got nominated for the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen), and here's finally the first taste of their follow-up expected out this fall. 'Dirt' is out digitally Friday Feb 17 and the brilliant and quite macabre video premiered a couple of days ago (check it out below!).

'Dirt' is Dark Times at their best. Super catchy and addictive, but also raw, uncompromising and sharp. Since Dark Times first saw the light of day in 2010 they have brought forward a unique and ever evolving expression with a punk heartbeat at the center of it all. Their force and originality is heightened with this track, where Dark Times serve powerful melodies, clamorous guitars and a mass of bold harmonies, add gravel to the blender and you have your 'Dirt'.

"'Dirt' is about chasing after unattainable goals, deriving from our surroundings’ social expectations. How it’s all a self-deception reproduced by new illusions hard to identify and break free from," says guitarist and vocalist AK. 

The single is produced and mixed by Pål Bredrup (Okkultokrati, Haust) and Trond Mjøen (Haust, Haraball), and mastered by underground sound maestro Dave Eck (Lucky Lacquers).

The video is made by video artist Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg (Outer Limit Lotus, Haust) with artist Pia Eikaas behind the camera, starring artist Gisa Pantel in the dark corners of Copenhagen. 

The digital single will be followed by a limited 7", out March 24. The vinyl will include a B-side with two exclusive covers. Pre-orders are available here.





Cover photo by Tim O'Connell

Band photo by Torgeir Nordbø

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